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Kicking off Snow Removal Season with a BANG (or...shovel?)

The 2023-2024 snow removal season is off to a great start! We have rinsed our hands from working hard in the dirt and grass and are now transitioning into keeping our fingers warm and nimble. On December 07 we saw a solid, wet snowfall and we got out first thing in the morning and worked hard well into the night. By the end of the day we had cleared dozens of properties, commercial lots, apartment complexes and parking lots! We were able to get all of our machines warmed up for the season. Our backpack blowers, snow blowers, snow ploughs on the trucks, the skid steers, snow shovels, ice chippers and MOST importantly our elbow grease all went into work for you, our values customers! We look forward to seeing you next time, possibly this week for another white covering. It's because of you that we love going to work every, single, day!

Snow, removal, shovel, safety, cold
Hard at work!


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