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Is Spring in the air? Or is Second Winter coming?

What a crazy Winter we have been having! At LLPS we have been staying extremely busy. Even though the snow hasn't accumulated like we are used to, we've been spending time preparing for a really fun and productive Spring and Summer. Some of the fellas have been spending hours at the shop getting all of our equipment cleaned, prepped, sharpened, serviced, leveled, pressured and just about any other verb you can think of when it comes to machines and tools both large and small, we've been doing it. We operate top notch equipment for a top notch crew.

We also have spent the month of January completely re-vamping our entire website. A lot of time and love went into it and we are excited to bring it to you very soon! We hope you enjoy it and any feedback that you have, we are open to it! Afterall, we never claimed to be web-design geniuses....but we ARE all things outdoors geniuses!!

We have given ourselves a new look in almost every aspect. We are your One-Stop-Shop for basically everything outdoors! Let me give you a quick run down of all of the services that we provide for you.

  • Property services

    • This includes all of your seasonal mowing, edging, weed-eating and blowing and property services like weeding, fertilizer, aeration, power-raking and more. We offer this in weekly, bi-weekly and one and done form.

    • LLPS leads the charge for Spring and Fall clean-ups too. It's not only a benefactor from a visual point of view, it creates a healthy root system and gives your soil the nutrients it craves!

    • We offer property services of all sizes- this includes Residential, Commercial, and Acreages!

    • Our crew has licensed and professionals for all chemical and fertilizer applications. You can rest assured knowing your job is complete by trusted and verified pros!

  • Snow Removal

    • Even though it was a mild Winter for us here, we are certain that Second Winter is coming. We are prepared and if you are still needing a monthly snow removal we can have you covered.

  • Landscaping

    • It says it right in the name, Labrecque Landscaping and Property Services. Our crew is the best in the business. From the moment you bring your thoughts, dreams and ideas to LLPS, we have you covered. We will get you an accurate quote right from the beginning. We will see to it that your ideas mesh with our ideas to give you a professional viewpoint. Whether your project is large or small, we have all of the right tools, connections and crew for the job!!

  • Concrete Services

    • Do you have a project involving concrete or cement? We have you covered. From small projects like deck and hot tub pads, to larger projects like driveways, sidewalks or curbs, we can get it done with trusted and skilled laborers who know the insides and out of cement work.

    • Have that dream garage floor? Want a new interior concrete stained kitchen?

    • We also do stains, aggregates, textured and styled finishes.

  • Wood Projects and Contractor Services

    • Our team specializes in decks, fences, siding, and roofs. We have a team with great versatility and can build your dream into a reality.

    • We will work with your budget and use the best quality materials for the job. Even if you have 0 idea of what you are wanting, we will design and construct everything for you, with your approval.

    • Some jobs require special skills. We have a huge network of connections of trusted, licensed and verified pros in the business. At LLPS we only partner with the best. We will make your life easy as a One-Stop-Shop and bring you the best, every time.

You will fall in love with the work that we do. It's common for us to do work on many properties in the neighborhood because once a family has LLPS work on their property, everyone else comes asking "Where did you get that landscaping work done? It's beautiful!" or "Oh wow your new fence is amazing, who do we call to get our own fence installed?"

Whether it is mowing, seasonal cleanups, a new deck, a landscape project, a concrete garage floor, snow removal, new siding etc... you can count on LLPS to be your One-Stop Shop for all of your outdoor needs.

We thank you, our valued customer, for being part of the LLPS family and we look forward to working with you very soon!

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